Growing Up

(This post is a few weeks old, I wrote it and forgot to post it)


Tonight as I was holding you, watching you sleep, I was thinking about how perfect you are.  At three weeks of age your world is so simple.  You have never known the feeling of a broken heart, no one has ever let you down, and you have no regrets.  You truly are perfect.  As I sat and pondered this thought I realized... you are growing up, already, right before my very eyes.  Someday some one is going to break your heart.  Someday you are going to experience disappointment and regret and there is NOTHING I am going to be able to go to protect you from any of those feelings. I know that these feelings are all apart of growing up and that growing up is going to enrich your life in so many ways, but today, I just want to keep you little.  For today, I just wish you would never grow up.

Love, Your Mommy

If you have never heard the song "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift take a look here.  It's a winner!

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