Happy Halloween My Little Man.

Your first Halloween was pretty low key.  Since we don't live around any family Daddy and I took you trick or treating at some of our friends houses for a little while tonight.  We had so much fun showing you off!!! We made a sign that said "Trick or Treat" since you weren't able to say it yourself!

1 Month...Already

I can't believe my little boy is already ONE MONTH old.  It is really starting to dawn on me just how quickly my time with him is going to fly.  Some moments I find myself looking forward to all the things he is one day going to be able to do (walking, talking, eating) and in the next moment I am wishing desperately that he stays exactly the same.  I need to remember to keep myself focused on the here and now.
Grant...you are 1 Month Old.

What Have You Been Up To?

You still wear all newborn clothes.

You are somewhere around 9lbs.

You still wear newborn diapers.

You are eating about 4 oz every three to four hours.  And you are waking up 1 - 2 times a night to eat.

You usually go to bed for the "night" at about 10 pm and wake up for the "day" between 5 and 6 am.

  You nap intermittently throughout the day.  There doesn't seem to be any real pattern from day to day yet.

Things You Like...

Your Gentle Giraffe puts you to sleep every night. 

You also love to be swaddled.

Your swing.  You slept your first night home in the swing.

You are extremely content napping on top of your Mommy or Daddy whenever you can.

Things You Don't Like...

The CAR!

Your Carseat!

Being hot.

First's This Month...

First trip out of town.  
First trip to the Dr.
First experience in a restaurant.
First blow out diaper (your gift to Daddy).

Your Daddy and love you so much.  After four short weeks we can't imagine our life without you.  We are so amazed by everything you do!!!! 


First Visit to Grammy and Grampy's

At the beginning of October Ryan had a client down the street from my parents house in Santa Maria.  He was going to have to be there for TWO WEEKS!! So Grant and I went with and made a family trip out of it. We had SOO much fun.  While our trip up there wasn't so easy (the three hour trip took us almost 5 hours because we had to stop so many times to clam our sweet screaming baby) it really was some of the best two weeks of my life.  Here are some highlights from Grant's perspective:

My Grampy is the sweetest, most sentimental man ever.  He left this note on the counter for me since he was at work when we arrived.

My Grandparents (The jurry is still out on what they are going to be called.  They seem to like the old fashioned Grandma and Grandpa, but my vote is for the more personal Grammy and Grampy).


I spent A LOT of time hangin out in this chair since my parents made me leave my swing at home.

I was baptized at the church my mom grew up in.  She was baptized, confirmed, and married here.

We went to the Avila Valley Barn (I slept...as usual).  If you ever visit the Central Coast I recommend looking this place up.  Especially in the fall!

We spent a couple of days in San Luis and I got to watch everyone eat at the Habit and Firestone's.  They promised to take me back one day, we'll see.

Grammy bought me a hat because it was too cold and it looked like it was made for me.  

We spent a lot of time hangin out like this.

I am still trying to get better at being a "picture taking" kind of person.  It's a work in progress.

Growing Up

(This post is a few weeks old, I wrote it and forgot to post it)


Tonight as I was holding you, watching you sleep, I was thinking about how perfect you are.  At three weeks of age your world is so simple.  You have never known the feeling of a broken heart, no one has ever let you down, and you have no regrets.  You truly are perfect.  As I sat and pondered this thought I realized... you are growing up, already, right before my very eyes.  Someday some one is going to break your heart.  Someday you are going to experience disappointment and regret and there is NOTHING I am going to be able to go to protect you from any of those feelings. I know that these feelings are all apart of growing up and that growing up is going to enrich your life in so many ways, but today, I just want to keep you little.  For today, I just wish you would never grow up.

Love, Your Mommy

If you have never heard the song "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift take a look here.  It's a winner!