Holiday Happenings...

Disclaimer...this post was typed over the coarse of almost two months.  I am just now getting it posted.  Mother of the year over here!!

Things have been busy around our house.  Here is a little update (I typed this off and on throughout the day, you know, between naps, diaper changes, laundry, and feedings.  The timeline is a little choppy, don't judge):

Last weekend we took Grant to the Irvine Regional Park for a Train Ride to the North Pole.  It was pretty exciting.  Grant missed out on all of the Christmas Lights (the train ride put him to sleep), but he he became good buddies with Santa again!

 I thank God for the Moby every time I use it!

Family picture with Santa.

Our little Polar Bear.

Such a stinkin' cute Elf!

The following night we had Ryan's family over for Christmas dinner.  Grant got to open his first Christmas present from Grandma Vicki.  HE LOVED IT! It is so much fun to see him begin to play with toys and make his very first "friends".

Here is a picture from Grant's First Visit with Santa.  We took him to South Coast Plaza during one of Daddy's lunch breaks a few weeks ago.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas Card photo shoot at home.  Next year I am going to get some help...DAD???

This is what Lucy does when Grant cries.  I feel so bad for her.  We keep trying to tell her that having him will pay of for her one day.  She doesn't seem to understand.

Cookie baking.  I wonder how many years I can get out of him before he decides to stop baking the cookies and just eats them instead?

I caught him talking to the snowman.  No joke.  They were having a full blown conversation.  

Flying session with Daddy.

Tustin PD comes around every Christmas with Santa on a float.  They drive right through our complex with a mega horn and announce his arrival.  All the kids come running out of their houses to climb on the float and sit with Santa.  I ripped Grant's bottle out of his mouth, threw him in the car seat and ran out the door.  For years I gone alone to this event dreaming of the day I would take my own baby.  I realized this halfway down the block and the tears began to stroll.  It's finally my turn!!!

Grant all tuckered out after some major Christmas shopping.

Cookie baking on Christmas Eve with Grammie.

Christmas Eve

Santa Came!!!

That about covers the Christmas update.  Bear with me, I will get caught up on the last month soon.  I promise.  This whole "working mom" thing just isn't working for me yet!!!


One Lucky Momma

Have you ever gotten a present for Christmas or your birthday that you love so much you can't sleep at night because you are so excited to get up and play with it in the morning?  That is exactly how I feel about this bundle of cuteness right here!!! Happy Friday!!!


Three Months

Grant, You Are Three Months Old.

What have you been up to?

You are wearing mostly three month clothes.  Some are a little tight and some are even too big!  There is the occasional 6 month outfit that you fit into, but not many.

We will get an update on your weight and height next month at your 4month check-up.

You are wearing size TWO diapers (these are a little roomy, but I like it that way).

You are eating 4.5 every three hours still throughout the day but we have started feeding you 5oz in the morning when you wake up and right before bedtime. 

Your sleeping patterns have not changed much.  Daddy and I are happy to report that you are sleeping through the night and getting on average about 10 hours of sleep each night. Yay!

Naps.  Mommy is proud to say that you have mastered the art of napping each day in your own bed instead of on top of her!!! You still need to be swaddled to help you sleep, but you are taking at least one good nap each day in your crib.  You usually take a short nap in the morning after your breakfast with your daddy (the two of you fall asleep together on the couch while I take a shower) and then you will take one more nap (for about an hour) with me at some point throughout the morning (we usually take this one while catching up on DVR shows from the night before).  Finally, you go down between 1 and 2 each afternoon and you sleep until 3 or 4 for your "good" nap.

You are started "playing".

You have been rolling over onto your side for quite a while now.  You are trying to roll all the way over but it is still a work in progress.

You have great control of your head.  You love to push your arms up on Mommy's shoulders to help you hold your head up so you can look around at just about anything and everything!

Things You Like...

Your Gentle Giraffe is still one of your Best Friends but you have made some new "friends" this month too.  We have introduced you to Sophie the Giraffe, reintroduced you to the flying birdie mobile on top of your swing (yes, you like your swing again...if it is not moving), and you have fallin in love with the birdie and apple mirror that hand from your carseat.  We call of these toys your "friends". 

You spend a lot of your time throughout the day sitting in your Bumbo.  You now have a tray for the top of it and you like to sit there and play with toys while Mommy cooks dinner. 

You still love to suck and chew on your fingers! You have found your thumb a few times and are often caught trying to shove your entire fist into your mouth.  We think you might be teething though it is a little early for that!

The new taggie football that your Grandma Vicki sent you.  You are really good at holding on to it and you like the way the tags feel on your face.

Books.  We started reading together.


Hanging out with Daddy on the weekends while Mommy goes grocery shopping.

Bouncing on the exercise ball (if you don't have one and you have a fussy baby I highly recommend you get one.  Bouncing on that thing has saved us from so many fits of crying and helped put Grant to sleep so many times).

Things You DON"T Like...

Sitting in your car seat.  You would SO much rather Mommy hold you so you can look around.

Other than that you have been so much more content this month.

First's This Month...

First visit with Santa Claus.

First laugh (with Mommy...melted my heart).

First Thanksgiving.

First trip to the beach (Grampy, Mommy, Granty Day).

First time away from Daddy for three days.

First time Mommy had to call the Dr with a concern.

Notes From Mommy...

Grant, it is hard to imagine that my time with you at home is almost up.  I will forever look back on these last three months with you as some of the BEST moments of my life.  You have taught me this month so much about what is really important in life and I can promise you that I have never felt more content with what I have because of you.  While I admit that I am somedays thankful to hand you over to your Daddy when he gets home at night (even Mommy's need a break every now and then) I find myself missing you when I go to bed and wishing you would just wake up for a second so I could snuggle with you and see your smile.  Happy three months my sweet baby boy.  Mommy loves you!

A Flash From the Past...

2 Months

3 Months


Christmas Wish List...

Grant is napping.  I have a to do list 3,257 miles long.  Instead I am shopping.  Online.  For myself.  Thought I would post some ideas here incase Mr. Spouse needs some ideas.
2011-12 life planner -kaleidoscope
Erin Condren Life Planner (I have been waiting for half off coupon for this to pop up after missing out on TWO of them in August and October).  Have you checked out this lady. Love love love her!
Primary Confection Measuring Spoons
Primary Confection Measuring Spoons - Anthropologie
Milk Bottle Measuring Cups
Milk Bottle Measuring Spoons -Anthropologie
Farmer's Egg Crate
Farmers Egg Crate (I like the blue one) - Anthroplogie