Seven Months...

Grant, You Are SEVEN Months Old!

What Have You Been Up To?

You are now wearing mostly 9 month clothes.  Some of your clothes are 6-12 months and they "fit" but not perfectly, and we all know your Mama likes things "perfect".

Diapers...size three.  You are even wearing overnight diapers because you are usually soaked when you wake up in the morning.  We often times still have to change you into a second set of pajamas.  

  Because you stopped eating regular rice cereal for breakfast we switched to oatmeal.  YOU LOVE IT!!! We never seem to have trouble getting you to eat it.  You are still eating two other meals a day; a fruit for lunch and a veggie for dinner.  You will not eat green beans on your own.  I have to mix them with another vegetable to get you to eat it.  Other than that you are eating anything I feed you.  Dr. Harrison has moved you onto stage two foods and it is so much more fun to feed you a larger variety of purees.  Your newest favorite is corn and butternut squash.

You are now drinking 6 oz bottles every three hours.  Sometimes at night you eat 8 oz before you go to bed.

This month you started eating Puffs.  Banana is the flavor of the month.  To say you LOVE them would be an understatement.  It is so nice to be able to take them out with us and give them to you if you are bored.     

You are sleeping fabulously!!! You go to bed between 8:00 and 8:30 and wake up between 6:00 and 6:30 most mornings.  Many nights we hear you scream after you have been asleep for about an hour.  We think you must be having a little nightmare, but you never seem to actually wake yourself up.  We can almost time it the minute.  One of my favorite times is still getting up with you on Saturday and Sunday while Daddy sleeps in.  I love feeding you when its quiet and watching you play with your toys. 

Aside from talking, laughing, and singing, we can now add squealing to the list of sounds you make! 

Your teachers say you are scooting.  We haven't really seen it at home.  You throw your arms like you are trying to move but you don't seem to get anywhere.  Now rolling is a mode of transportation you have certainly mastered.  You manage to get yourself from one side of the a room so quickly without actually being able to crawl or scoot.  It is amazing to me.  Your teachers say you will be crawling in no time.

You are still TOOTHLESS.  I am afraid of what our summer together is going to look like if you are popping teeth left and right =(.  Take it easy on me.

Things You Like...

To PLAY!!! You will spend almost an hour straight playing on the carpet with the Little People Farmhouse and Car wash that your Grammy got you for Easter.  You love to play with the little animals, cars, and open and close each of the doors.  You are also pretty good at putting the gas pump to the carwash in your mouth.  Silly boy!!!

You jump each morning in your jumperoo while Daddy takes a shower.  He puts the TV on and you just jump away.

Bath time.  You are taking your baths now in the sink.  We have done away with the baby bathtub.  I don't know how long this will last though as you are already trying to climb up out of the sink!

Things You Don't Like...

Getting your nose wiped.  Alligator tears for sure!  Worst feeling ever.

Sitting in your car seat in the stroller.  It is time to start letting you sit like a big boy!

Firsts This Month...

Breadstick.  You chomped on one while we had dinner with the Pierce's at Shaws.  Aunt Becky fed it to you while she held you.

You also chomped on a REAL apple.

First Easter.  

First Baby Shower (the first may have been at six months actually).  You went to a baby shower for your cousin Ashlynn, Ben, and our friends the Martini's.   

First official "babysitter".  Mommy and Daddy went on a Date and your Grandma and Grandpa Lewis came to stay with you.  You got a stellar report.

A Note From Mommy...

Grant, you are growing and changing everyday.  The past few months have been the hardest I have ever experienced.  I feel like I work ALL of the TIME.  I feel like the bonds we created during your first few months of life are slowly breaking.  We have had a few "stay home" days over the course of these last few months and taking them has been quite expensive (I don't get payed right now for any days I miss at work).  I have come to realize that each of those days has been worth EVERY SINGLE penny.  They have given us the chance to spend time together and reconnect.  We also were able to spend two straight weeks together during my spring break and summer is just around the corner.  I know most mommy's don't get the time that we have gotten together and I need to remember how lucky I am to have been given so much extra time with you but I just can't help but feel like it is not enough.  I have realized how important it is for me to commit to making part time work for our family, no matter what it costs me professionally.  I pray every night that something will work out.  For your sake...and mine.  I love you G.  - Mommy    

A Quick Blast From the Past!!!


Six Months

Grant, You Are SIX Months Old!

What Have You Been Up To?

Almost all of your 3 - 6 Month Clothes are too small for you...but I love them so much I don't have the heart to pack them away!

You weigh about 17 1/2 pounds (75th percentile) and are 28 inches long (90th percentile).

You are still wearing size three diapers (I think they only go to 5...slow down there boy)!!

  You are no longer loving your rice cereal "breakfast".  Some days you scarf it and others you won't take a bite!  You are now eating fruit everyday for "lunch" and your "dinner" is still made up of one vegetable.  We have tried them all, you are going through a sweet stage.  Probably because the fruits are the newest to you.  You don't like eating your veggies anymore.  I hope this is a habit you learn to break. You are still eating about 5.5 ounces of formula every three hours.   

You are back to sleeping a little better again.  We decided to continue swaddling you.  You are just happier that way.  You usually break your arms out and are able to move around but you like being wrapped tightly to fall asleep.  You are not napping very well lately.  You like cat napping on the weekends when you are home with Mommy and Daddy.  I like to tell myself its just because you are too excited that we are all home together and you don't want to miss anything.  I still worry about your sleeping habits every night as a fall sleep.  I can't wait for the day I don't have to worry about you being too cold, tangled in your swaddling blanket, or not breathing.  But then I guess there will only be new things to worry about as I fall asleep each night. 

You still talk, laugh and sing CONSTANTLY!!!

You are SITTING UP!!! We get to sit in the shopping cart when we go grocery shopping or to Target. This new adventure has become one of my favorite experiences with you.  Watching you discover the world around you is so much fun!!! You are also sitting in the high chair when we go out to eat.  It is SOO nice to be able to relax, eat, and talk with Daddy again.

The BUMBO has seen its day.  You are kicking your legs and nearly thrashing your body out of it.  I still sit you in it to feed you dinner each night (its just easier), but I have no idea how much longer it will last.  In fact, you are no longer allowed to use the BUMBO at school anymore!!!

You are becoming more and more mobile each day.  I don't know how I feel about this.

You have no teeth yet.  I keep thinking you are teething and that one is going to pop through at any moment, but as of today, you are still toothless.

Things You Like...

You play with everything!  You play us concerts on your mini piano that you got for Christmas (you even performed one for your friends at school).  You play with the bird that hangs from your carseat (finally).  You play with your toys on the floor and are still playing really well on your playmat.

You have mastered the Jumperoo.  You could spend hours in the thing.  You jump like crazy, sing like crazy, you talk to the different pieces.  I am so amazed at how you have taught yourself how to use each of the little parts.  I also love that while you are jumping I get the chance to pick up around the house!!!

PUFFS!!! We started them a little early according to Dr. Harrison, but you so well with them.  They are so much fun to watch you turn around with your tongue and eat.

Music.  Singing with Mommy and dancing with Daddy!

You still love bath time.

Things You Don't Like...

Sweet Peas.

Being laughed at. Ask your Grammy about this one.  She has a story she will never forget!!!  You like to be in control.  It is only ok to laugh at something funny you do if it is ok with you!!!

Firsts This Month...

First "fall" from sitting position.  OH MY LORD!!! I thought I broke you!! Your alligator tears actually BREAK my heart!!!  I guess I better get used to them!!!

First taste of green beans, sweet peas, peaches, bananas, avocado, pears, applesauce, PUFFS, water from a cup.

First stay home day from school with Mommy and Daddy.  Funny story.  I forgot to take your carseat out of my car and went all the way to work with it.  Daddy couldn't take you to school so Daddy stayed home with you in the morning and Mommy came home a lunch time and stayed with you the rest of the day.  We had so much fun!!! We spent the afternoon at the Spectrum together. 

A Note From Mommy...

Grant, like I aways say.  Time is just FLYING by!  I was telling your Daddy the other day that it seemed like every month we celebrated your "monthiversary" we were celebrating like we couldn't believe we had survived another month.  I felt like I was counting down the months until your 1st birthday (CRAZY...I know).  I was so excited for all of the experiences we had to come.  Well, not this month.  Now I just want them to stop.  I wish I could just freeze time.  You have been in our lives and occupied our hearts for half a year.  In one more half a year you won't be a "baby" anymore.  You may even be walking.  Life has been so busy these last few months with Daddy and Mommy working, that sometimes its hard not to get bogged down with my "to do" lists.  I promise to do my best to enjoy each and every moment we have together.  I love you...a bushel and a peck!! -Mommy

A quick blast from the past!!!


Watch Out...

I turned my head for one second...

... looks like I won't be doing that anymore.  This little boy is already getting into EVERYTHING!!!


A New Stage...

Goodbye swing...hello jumperoo!

Here's to New Adventures!!!

Thank you Grammy and Grampy!


Our Little Valentine...

Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Lynn and Uncle Don both sent Grant Valentines Day packages.  Grant LOVED his presents...take a look.

Uncle Jimmy's Box 
(There were a few treats for Mom and Dad too.)

Auntie Lynn and Uncle Don's Box.

Thank you both for making Grant's first Valentines Day EXTRA special!!!