Watch Out...

I turned my head for one second...

... looks like I won't be doing that anymore.  This little boy is already getting into EVERYTHING!!!


A New Stage...

Goodbye swing...hello jumperoo!

Here's to New Adventures!!!

Thank you Grammy and Grampy!


Our Little Valentine...

Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Lynn and Uncle Don both sent Grant Valentines Day packages.  Grant LOVED his presents...take a look.

Uncle Jimmy's Box 
(There were a few treats for Mom and Dad too.)

Auntie Lynn and Uncle Don's Box.

Thank you both for making Grant's first Valentines Day EXTRA special!!!

5 Months...

Grant, You Are Five Months Old!

What Have You Been Up To?

You have started growing out of some of your three to six month clothes.

We will get an update on your height and weight at your six month check up next month!

You are still wearing size two diapers (thank goodness because I bought a boat load of them at a sale in December).

You are eating FOOD!!!  Your "breakfast" consists of rice cereal mixed with formula and your "dinner" is usually made up of one vegetable.  So far we have tried squash and sweet potatoes (such a wide variety I know).  You like them both.  You are still eating about 5.5 ounces of formula every three hours also.   

Your sleeping habits are making me loose sleep at night.  If you are not waking up screaming (you have been sick and maybe a little bit of teething) I am worried about you breathing.  You aren't being swaddled anymore (I kept waking up in the morning and you would have the blanket around your neck, it was loose, but still it made me worry).  I am still not really sure what the answer to this problem is.

You talk an laugh like crazy!

You can sit up if we hold you on the carpet or on the couch.

You are rolling over pretty well now.

You are "reaching" for things.  We are really starting to have to watch your every move.  You sit in the Bumbo on the counter while I cook dinner and you are getting into EVERYTHING.  I guess I am going to have to start watching where I put the knives.

You are also on the move.  Dressing you after your bath is a NIGHTMARE!

You are often holding your own bottle.  You have learned this from being at Daycare but Mommy still like to hold it for you when she feeds you.

Your teacher Miss Cassie says that she has never seen a baby adjust so quickly to being at school.  Every time I go pick you up you are playing, sleeping, or grinning from ear to ear!!! I love it!!!

Things You Like...

You play with everything!  You play us concerts on your mini piano that you got for Christmas (you even performed one for your friends at school).  You play with the bird that hangs from your carseat (finally).  You play with your toys on the floor and are still playing really well on your playmat.

You are learning to jump in your Jumperoo.  You still like to have Mommy or Daddy near you when you are playing in it, but I can tell it won't be long before you are sailing on your own!

You still love bath time.

Things You Don't Like...

Butternut Squash.

Firsts This Month...

First meal from a spoon.  

First taste of rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.

First Birthday Party (Lucy Morris turned One).

First Day of School.

First stay home day from school.  Grammy came to take care of you so you didn't have to go to school.

A Note From Mommy...

Grant, I know I say this every month, but the time is flying by so quickly.  You have been the greatest joy this last month.  It is amazing how well you are able to get me to chuck my stresses at the door when we get home and steal all of my attention for the night.  Daddy is working late hours right now and you and I have become quite the little pair.  Every night I sit down to feed you your last bottle of the day, I look at the clock, and can't believe our few short hours together have already come to an end.  There just aren't enough.  I have noticed such a big change in you this month as I look back at old pictures.  It seems like you have really grown into a little boy and not just a baby.  Boy or baby, whatever you are, thank you for bringing so much meaning to my life.  I love you!!! - Mommy