A Love Story

Nine years ago today a girl met the boy of her dreams (although at the time she didn't quite realize exactly just what that meant).

They spent the next six years learning about life, growing up together, laughing, and falling in love. Until one day, said girl and said boy, realized it was time for a new venture...marriage.

The next few years were spent living life together... making their house a home, learning what it really means to support each other, sharing everything (bills, food, laughter, space in the bathroom, a bedroom, chores, love), learning that friends are often more like family, and planning a future. Good, bad, or ugly...everything they experienced... everything they did... they did together. Until one day, said girl and said boy, realized it was time for a new venture...parenthood.

This venture quickly proved to be more complicated and heart wrenching than they had ever anticipated. You see God's plan for their life was a little different. He knew better than they did that they had more to learn about each other and more life to experience together. He wanted to help make sure they were truly ready for the miracle of parenthood. So this boy and girl decided to trust in his plan for their life. A plan that included getting pregnant with twins and losing them several weeks later. It took some time. But this couple made it through...stronger than ever.

Their story doesn't end here, in fact, it's really just the beginning.

So today, nine years to the day after boy and girl first laid eyes on each other, they are happy to announce to all the world that they are going to become parents. They are going to be a family. Their love story continues.

Introducing our Peanut...10 weeks

Here's to beginnings... both big... and small.