Jimmy's Visit

They called each other "brothers" and I had to
take a picture!!!
A moment at the Pineapple Hill Grill
In the cab on the way to the Pineapple Hill.



Two pictures from our room at the Madonna 
Inn, we stayed in the Cabin Still room!!!
The MUNI broke down and all the impatient
people jumped off... we finally got to take a
good picture!!! These cars were so cute... each 
one had a different theme!!!

Alcatraz... Can you tell by the cell and the 
head pieces??

On our second day in San Francisco Ryan took
me on a tasting tour of Napa and Sonoma Counties.
It was so much fun to have go from the freezing cold
city to the wide open, warm country!!!
The third of four wineries... Mario Andretti's Winery.

LOMBARD STREET!!! I could stand there ALL
day long!!! What a stunning sight!!!

      I took Ryan to get and Irish Coffee                    
        at the all famous Buena Vista!!                
     We didn't take very many pictures in
     Palm Springs... that was the relaxing 
     part of our vacation!!!

We had THE BEST time on our Honeymoon!!! It was the perfect combination of relaxation and exciting city exploration.  We did nothing but lay by the pool in Palm Springs, and caught up on sleep.  Once we got to San Francisco we woke up before 6:00 every morning and were out the door by 7:00 trying to fit everything in!!! And believe it or not we actually fit it all in!!!!

After the Party... there is the After Party

Here are a few pictures of the gang the night before the wedding!!! I don't have any pictures from the actual wedding so I guess this will have to do!!! If anyone has pictures from the wedding please send them to me!!!