Walkin' In An Orange County Winter Wonderland

Well it has been awhile since I have attempted to post anything here (over a year). I figured that since we don't have any kids that our lives wouldn't be interesting enough to follow. Then I got to thinking, it might be a good idea to perfect this little "hobby" while I have the bug. Plus I read so many of these things I might as well have my own!!! I also thought it might be fun to surprise my Mom because I know she checks this think periodically to see if I have added anything... so here's to you Mom!!!

This weekend Ryan decided to amuse my fascination of all things Christmas and took me to watch the Naples Boat Parade. We had the BEST day. I have wanted to see this since I moved to Orange County eight years ago. And let me tell you, it is worth seeing. Ryan and I got there at about 3:00 and walked around Bellmont Shores looking at houses. Then we stopped to eat, have a couple of beers and watch some football before heading over to the parade. We ran into a couple of friends of mine from college and had so much fun catching up with them that we missed most of the parade altogether! But it didn't really matter, because walking through the canals looking at all the houses (and in all of the houses) was the best part. I took a couple of pictures but none of which do it any justice. When all was said and done Ryan and I realized we never even took a picture of ourselves!! Thanks Ryan for taking me out for a night of Christmas Cheer!!! I hope we can go back next year!!!

Here is a picture of our first little Christmas Tree. I'm kind of obsessed with it!! I keep telling Ryan that I am not going to take it down!!!