Holiday Happenings...

Disclaimer...this post was typed over the coarse of almost two months.  I am just now getting it posted.  Mother of the year over here!!

Things have been busy around our house.  Here is a little update (I typed this off and on throughout the day, you know, between naps, diaper changes, laundry, and feedings.  The timeline is a little choppy, don't judge):

Last weekend we took Grant to the Irvine Regional Park for a Train Ride to the North Pole.  It was pretty exciting.  Grant missed out on all of the Christmas Lights (the train ride put him to sleep), but he he became good buddies with Santa again!

 I thank God for the Moby every time I use it!

Family picture with Santa.

Our little Polar Bear.

Such a stinkin' cute Elf!

The following night we had Ryan's family over for Christmas dinner.  Grant got to open his first Christmas present from Grandma Vicki.  HE LOVED IT! It is so much fun to see him begin to play with toys and make his very first "friends".

Here is a picture from Grant's First Visit with Santa.  We took him to South Coast Plaza during one of Daddy's lunch breaks a few weeks ago.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas Card photo shoot at home.  Next year I am going to get some help...DAD???

This is what Lucy does when Grant cries.  I feel so bad for her.  We keep trying to tell her that having him will pay of for her one day.  She doesn't seem to understand.

Cookie baking.  I wonder how many years I can get out of him before he decides to stop baking the cookies and just eats them instead?

I caught him talking to the snowman.  No joke.  They were having a full blown conversation.  

Flying session with Daddy.

Tustin PD comes around every Christmas with Santa on a float.  They drive right through our complex with a mega horn and announce his arrival.  All the kids come running out of their houses to climb on the float and sit with Santa.  I ripped Grant's bottle out of his mouth, threw him in the car seat and ran out the door.  For years I gone alone to this event dreaming of the day I would take my own baby.  I realized this halfway down the block and the tears began to stroll.  It's finally my turn!!!

Grant all tuckered out after some major Christmas shopping.

Cookie baking on Christmas Eve with Grammie.

Christmas Eve

Santa Came!!!

That about covers the Christmas update.  Bear with me, I will get caught up on the last month soon.  I promise.  This whole "working mom" thing just isn't working for me yet!!!

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