Here and There

Just a couple of highlights from last week.  No great stories.  No words of wisdom.  Just quick and to the point.

Sweet boy.

Sleeping with Daddy.

Matt and Dina came to visit.

On a sad note, I packed away Grant's newborn clothes tonight.  I have been putting it off, it was finally time to bite the bullet.  He is growing... I can't deny it... keeping the clothes in the dresser isn't going stop him!

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Jimberlys said...

Love the story...I can't even decide which pictures I like the best. I think maybe the very first one with his hair combed all big boy. But the ones of Dena and Matt are quite adorable too. They are so comfortable with him. Of course I can't forget both your boys sleeping...precious. Then of course you, putting away the first stage. Oh, there are so many more of those in your future. Great way to document the moment. You are a very sweet little "Mommy."