Today you cried so hard in the mall people were staring.  Let me rephrase that, people from fifty feet away were staring.  Staring like I had done something terrible to you.  I rushed you to Nordstrom's luxurious mother's room and changed your diaper like it was a race for a $100 dollar gift card.  It didn't stop you.  I held you, I rocked you, I fed you.  You held the bottle in your mouth without eating anything and then continued to spit it out like it was last years Halloween candy.  People continued to stop and stare.  I didn't know what to do.  If I tried to walk you back to the car like that (which was on the OTHER SIDE of the mall) I was certain someone would call the police (slight exaggeration) so I called your Daddy.  He was working across the street.  He came to save us.  As soon as he got there you stopped (figures) and so we went to grab lunch at Subway.  I am going to tell myself you did all of this just because you missed your Dad and thought we all deserved a lunch out together.  I suppose you are expecting a thank you.  Maybe tomorrow.  Until then... sweet dreams my sweet little boy.

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