Open House

For the last month (and maybe a little more) my First Graders and I have been turning our classroom into a miniature rain forest for Open House! What a different experience than sixth grade. Needless to say my parents were very impressed, and the kids were over the moon with excitement. All in all, I would say the night was a success, I am glad it is over, I have learned exactly what I will do and won't do for next year, and it was all TOTALLY worth it!!! Here are a few pictures I snapped before the night began!!!

I had A LOT of help with these hats!! And I mean A LOT! They are made 100% out of newspaper that was spray painted, but the kids put them on their heads as they lead their parents around the classroom!!!

These little Safari Guides were my favorite. This was the best one. They were all wonderful, very first grade, but I am so glad I decided to throw them in last minute! Thanks Julie!!!

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