A Tribute to the Judds...

Just rediscovered my long lost love for this goodie of an album:


I couldn't even begin to put a number to the countless hours I spent locked in the bedrooms of my "youth" singing these songs to myself. And by singing I mean full on rocking out!! I truly was a country girl. It strikes me to listen to the lyrics today. As I familiarize myself with them again I am reminded of how much these songs took me on a journey through the worlds I hoped to one day call my future. A future filled with both love and broken hearts. Back then that "future" seemed to be filled with so much hope, promise, and stories that were yet to be written. Although I am pleased to say my life today is still filled with just as much hope (if not more) I can't help but thank God for both the parts of the songs I have experienced, and the ones I never had too!!!

So thank you Naomi and Wynonna!!! Thank you for being a part of creating the memories of my childhood, for teaching me to dream, and for making each and every Christmas absolutely perfect!!!


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