A Promise

I started this blog several years ago with the purpose of just "practicing posts" here and there until I actually had some kids to post pictures and stories of. I have done a terrible job. I know I only have a few weeks left until Grant comes so I promise I am going to start posting more (If I can remember to take pictures because nobody wants to read a post that doesn't have any pictures...like this one).

I hope to find the time to post a couple of times a week so that my family (who ALL live in different states and cities) can watch Grant grow and laugh with Ryan and I as we figure out how to be parents all by ourselves!!

Here's to keeping promises!!!!

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Adrian said...

Once you have that sweet little boy, and you find the time, you'll get addicted to posting pictures of him. Oh, and I love the name!
p.s. your layout is awesome. :)